Golftanya as a venue

The driving range, a 3 hectares area, a green heaven. It can be used by golf balls as a landing zone, but we see other opportunities in it as well: we had car meetings, open air cinemas and other activities as well. But there’s one think we always think about: the lawn must stay as beautiful as it is at this very moment!


The event tent is a 310 square meters place with an additional 50 square meters terrace and a catering tent. It’s a perfect place for weddings, but you can use it for almost whatever you want, since it has utilities and paved floor.

The grill terrace is a green area within a green are, where lovely meals are prepared in front of our eyes. We have a cauldron, an iron oven and a grill, and the are is fine for around 60 people. If you want to, you can use our furniture as well.


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