You can simulate almost every situation here, which can happen at a golf course. We have two chipping greens with sand bunkers, foregreen, putting green, a pitch area and a driving range, where you can practice even with woods. Sometime we make the are a PAR 3 practice course, Night Golf course, and if the weather is bad, you can do your shots under a covered area.



850 HUF

48 balls
Unlimited use of the course
Free club use

20 tokens on card

14 000 HUF

20 x 48 balls
Unlimited use of the course
Free club use

Senior token

650 HUF

For the members of the Hungarian Senior Golfers Association
Unlimited use of the course
Free club use


Golftanya’s gates are open to outside coaches besides the permanent coaches. We can offer PGA coaches for beginners and advanced players as well.

Balogh László

László Balogh

Laci is one of the foundations of Golftanya, for over 16 years, he has been treading the rugs on Óbuda Island, since he is a professional golf instructor since 2001.

In 2007, he was one of the firsts to finish in PGA of Hungary’s training. As a former athlete and as a successful athletic trainer, he has raised many successful students; when he became interested in golf, only his technique has changed, not his professionalism. As a trained coach, he is watching every small move, which makes him popular in the circle of his disciples.

Phone number: + 3630-230-7143


Balázs Brúder

Balázs can be found on Golftanyan most days of the week, where he also performs repair and fitting in his own workshop on a prior check-in basis.

The 1971 born golfer took a club in 1984, and since then, he has won seven Hungarian Championships, and he has been chosen as the Golfer Of The Year for 4 times. Many young talents and successful golfers come out of his hands, his strength is the informal, loose mood of his training, he soon realizes his disciple’s abilities. His method is simple: he does not want to reform, force new techniques, but tries to find the most appropriate playing style for the disciples.

Phone: + 3620-932-5886


Errol Bhalai

Errol is one of the most prominent trainer of the Hungarian golf life.

The Jamaican-born golfer’s home is the Pannonia Golf & Country Club, but he also receives disciples on the Golftanya several times a week. He can show new things and techniques for advanced players as well, his classes are quite informal and relaxed.

Errol a synonym for coolness, but his technique has proven in many domestic competitions. He keeps his classes in English.

Phone: + 3670-406-4184


Kristóf Eiring

Kristóf is in love with golf since 2006, when he was 11 years old. He was a player of the Hungarian National Junior Golf Team from the age of 14 to 18, and he won the Hungarian Cup in 2012. He turned professional in 2013, and in the same year, he began his training at the PGA of Hungary.

He’s not only a trainer, since he has been playing at several stages of some European professional series. He is also engaged in group and individual golf instruction, and he is happy to teach beginner and advanced players as well. In addition to building a competitor’s career, he is also aiming to share his experiences with his disciples.

Phone: + 3630-506-7026

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